In an emergency, procedures that would normally be easy to follow can be confusing. The SCHILLER Group therefore focuses on developing easy-to-use devices, enabling quick action during an emergency.

Used with adult or children electrodes, the FRED PA-1 automatically recognises the electrode type and adjusts the defibrillation energy accordingly. A set of children electrodes can be safely stored at the back of the device.

Red case with white handle, white heart icon & letters 'Schiller Defibrillators' - a type of defib for sudden cardiac arrest

Simplicity as a priority – the AED for everyone

Every year, more than 7 million people fall victim to a sudden cardiac arrest, worldwide. A sudden cardiac arrest can hit anyone, anywhere and at any time. Defibrillation delivers electrical energy to the heart, restoring a proper heart rhythm. A defibrillator in combination with well-performed chest compressions is the only therapy that can save a patient’s life.

When you lift the device cover, the FRED PA-1 starts up immediately. The pre-connected electrodes only need to be applied to the patient’s chest. Systematic pre-charging allows shock delivery as soon as necessary.

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Designed to be used by minimally trained people, its user friendly responsiveness makes it suitable for use in any setting. Whether a workplace, school, shopping centre or hospital, the iPAD SP1 makes saving lives as simple as possible, saving seconds when every second counts.

Defibrillation Electrodes

Electrodes are immediately accessible and easily recognisable. The electrodes are RFID tagged to check the expiry date.

Fast setup

Pre-connected electrodes allow faster application of the electrodes to the patient’s chest; analysis starts automatically.

Ready to use

The FRED PA-1 automatically performs a regular self test and indicates its status.


The FRED PA-1 will adapt to any cosmopolitan environment. Choose among many language packages. If one language is sufficient, the repeat function is set as default.

Data management

For review by healthcare professionals, the FRED PA-1 stores intervention data that can easily be retrieved by means of an SD card. With the FRED PA-1 Online, intervention data can be consulted using LifeDataNet G2.

Clear operability indications

In case of an abnormality, the FRED PA-1 provides warnings: acoustic signal and LEDs indicate the device’s state and the actions that have to be taken (replacing the battery, the electrodes...). The FRED PA-1 Online can also be supervised using the LifeDataNet G2 management system. The battery guarantees a long autonomy of 6 years (3 years for the FRED PA-1 Online version).

Technical specification

260mm W x 256mm L x 69.5mm H

2.4kg (Including the battery pack and pads)

Operating Mode
Fully-automatic or Semi-automated


From £1,095 – *includes 1 free PA-1

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