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We are not an e-commerce site - we don’t just ship boxes; support is our mantra!

When you purchase your AED through Defib Plus, our role is to assist you through every area of your ownership – whether you purchase one or one thousand, we’ll provide you with the very best device for your requirement.

Throughout the devices warranty, we will assist you in ensuring that your AED is always compliant and operational through monthly physical inspections, meeting all manufacturers guidelines, compliance and ‘good practice’ protocols - that’s our business. Defib Plus will also replace your defibrillator FOC at the end of the manufacturer's warranty. *

Defib Plus ltd is a specialist supplier of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). As such we only supply AEDs and their associated consumables, that way we know our product and market, intimately.

We’re happy to help or advise on all thing's defibrillator related - whether you already have defibrillators, or are considering anew, so please get in touch with any questions or concerns around the ownership of AEDs or if you wish to know more about us.

‘As of now, anywhere that is visited by the general public or employs a work force and doesn’t have AED’s, may be considered comparable to a ship setting sail without lifeboats or life preservers!’

– Ross Severn, MD, Defib Plus Ltd.

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Free AED replacement & 100% peace of mind in compliance and duty of care.

We look after them, so you don’t have to!